• Quality certifications and food safety

    As a food company we feel bound to offer oil of the best quality, as far as its flavour and safety is concerned. This is the reason why, in 2016, we embarked in the strictest regulation in quality and safety worldwide, the Bristish Retail Consortium, better known as BRC, but also with the ISO9001 and IQNet regulations. Therefore, our production process undergoes several strict and thorough controls in order to guarantee its quality.

  • Certificate in Integrated Production Methods

    Finca La Gramanosa is not only concerned with producing an excellent oil for our costumers, we also intend to do it in a sustainable way. This is the reason why in 2012 we started a process of restructuring our estates in order to adapt them to the farming integrated production method under the state certification of the Catalan Board of Integrated Production. Since then all the oils we commercialise are under the auspices of this certification, which means a guarantee as far as the improvement of the environmental quality is concerned, both in the farming area and the productive one

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