• Finca la Gramanosa was born 30 years ago. It is the fruit of the passion for the olive tree

    Finca la Gramanosa was born 30 years ago. It is the fruit of the passion for the olive tree, a tree which after each harvest rewards its carers with a highly precious product: its best olives. 

    Mauricio Botton, grandson of the founder of the brand Danone, Isaac Carasso, selected the best estates located in the hills of Avinyonet del Penedès and Mont-roig, in the Catalan regions of Alt Penedès and Baix Camp, in the south of Barcelona.   

    At present, these olive fields produce some of the most recognised extra virgin olive oils in the world. 

  • A professional team dedicated to producing the best oil

    “When Mauricio and Carlota asked me to be in charge of this project, I accepted the challenge because I knew that we had the best olive fields and one of the most technologically advanced oil mills in the world”, says Paolo Miceli. Miceli joined La Gramanosa in 2013 as its CEO due to his experience in business management, and with the goal of producing the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

    “My first job was to create a great team, therefore I invited Duccio Morozzo to the estate. Morozzo is an internationally recognised advisor in the olive tree and oil sector. The first time he visited the estate, he immediately fell in love with the project and saw its full potential. Since then he has committed himself to achieving the goals set by the owners.”

    “With the addition of Duccio and the rest of the staff members, the implementation of the most innovative processes in the world, and as a consequence of the passion and love we feel for this soil and our olive trees, we have been able to cultivate and produce one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.”

  • “Our major pride is to be able to thrill our customers with our olive oil”

    “La Gramanosa’s olive trees are provided with enough space to grow happily and to make sure that every single leaf gets as much sunlight as possible.

    This is the way to grow a healthy tree that will be able to give a high-quality fruit”.

     “Our olive-oil mill is considered to be one of the most modern ones in the world. It allows us to produce our distinctive extra virgin oil with its own aromas, flavours, and touches. The advanced technology we use always goes together with care, love and passion for the growing and the production processes, which are essential conditions to produce one the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.”

    “When taking full care of the quality of our excellent olives, there are two essential factors: processing them immediately and controlling their temperature in order to keep it under 25ºC during the whole process. This is how the oils produced at Finca La Gramanosa are created.”


  • “We want to make our customers fall in love with the product we offer.”

    In Finca La Gramanosa we try to obtain an unusual oil, with extraordinary characteristics. When tasting our oil, we want our customers to have a great experience, so that they come back to it.”

    “As a food company, our costumers must be presented a product with excellent hygienic and sanitary guarantees, this is the reason why we embarked on getting the certification of the strictest regulation in food safety worldwide, the BRC (British Retail Consortium).”

    “We try to improve our production process year after year and season after season. We also want to be a model for many companies in the olive-oil sector, so that they can adapt their methods and processes to the aim of establishing extra virgin olive oil to its rightful place, that is, the highest place.”

  • La gramanosa in numbers

    We are located in the south of Barcelona, in the regions of Alt Penedès and Baix Camp

    VARIETIES OF OLIVE - 90% Arbequina, 5% Picual, 5% others 



    STORAGE Under nitrogen and a controlled temperature

    COMMERCIAL BRANDS - Finca La Gramanosa, Zumo, Carlota and Mas Notari

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